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Japan Entertainment: “ONE PIECE” to hijack all magazine covers from publisher Shueisha! →


Shueisha, a major publisher in Japan, has announced that Oda Eiichiro’s “ONE PIECE” would grace the covers of every single magazine belonging to the company. Why, you ask? It’s to celebrate the manga reaching a total circulation figure of 200,000,000!

Starting on January 31st with “Weekly…

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Japan Entertainment: Ranking of most wanted mangas to have live action adaptation →


Lately, there been many mangas that been adapted into live-action movies. Portal site COBS ONLINE surveyed men and women in their 20s about which manga they would like to see remade into live-action movie. The catch, however, was that the selection was limited to past and present mangas on “

It’ll be hard to have a Live Action for One Piece. Meh. :P

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